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Summer Funpark


Fisser Flitzer

2.200 m adventure run

Speeding, braking, accelerating, in and out the curves with full tilt. It feels great, driving down the moutains ont the Sommerrodelbahn "Fisser Flitzer" (dry ludge run) with up to 45 km/h. Along the run there a a lot of surprising effects.

The „Fisser Flitzer“ is a superior dry ludge run with various curves, under- and overcrossings and some surprises on the way down to the valley station Möseralmbahn - An exciting run for kids and adults.

Start: Summer Funpark Fiss
End: Möseralmbahn valley station
Length: 2.200 m
Altitude difference: 370 m
Average decline: 19 %
Duration: ca. 7 min


Fisser Flieger

Fasten your seatbelts and take off in Fiss
The „Fisser Flieger“ is a unique attraction in Austria.

The preparation is professional: put on the pilot vest, fasten seatbelts, thumbs up, take-off. Minutes later you'll fly down to the valley with 80 km/h.

The „Fisser Flieger“ is an aircraft for four passengers, similar to a biplane, which "floats" in 8 to 47 meters above the ground. Due to the great technique you will be safe at all times. You'll start at the Möseralm mountain station, where all preparations take part. With 40 km/h the „Flieger“ is lifted in direction "Kerbbodenabfahrt". From there the "Flieger" will make a turn and start its flight over the Möseralm. After the adventure you will land safely and full of adrenaline down the valley.

Fisser Flieger Facts
Length: ca. 700 m
Distance to the ground: up to 47 m
Speed: backwards 40 km/h - forwards 80 km/h
Transport: 4 persons
Suspension rope: 28 mm



The beauty and the height of the plateau Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis is breath-taking. But there is one more attraction: the Skyswing on app. 2000m

The moment, you'll be addicted to: A fantastic moment, when centrifugal forces and gravity compensate, and you feel zero gravity.

The new Skyswing offers place for up to 8 persons and is accessible in different levels (15 %, 40 % or 100% – where 15% is a soft swinging and 100% even includes an exciting rollover).



Kids are magically attracted to water. Nothing stimulates their phantasy more than the combination of soil, sand and water. Here in Tyrol we call this combination "Glatsch". A great way to build castles, streets and whole landscapes.

Who will take care, that you get wet and dirty? No one, because even would love to play together with their kids in the new interactive playground Murmliwasser near the cable way station Komperdell in Serfaus. Around a torrent there are 15 playful adventure stations like water wheels, gutters, mounds of soil, water stairs, a rope bridge and differnt adventure playgrounds. Building dams and bypasses and mud-slinging is implicitely allowed at the Murmliwasser. Parents who don't want to get wet, move back to the relax zone, where they can watch their kids having fun.