Our evening dishes

Saturday: Tyrolian Evenig

DishBig portionSmall portion
„Wienerschnitzel“ with from pork with fries, potatoes or potatoesalad (A,C)14,50€9,20€
„Wienerschnitzel“ with from veal with fries, potatoes or potatoesalad (A,C)18,50€14,50€
Käsespätzle – traditional austrian   dumplings with greated cheese(A,C,G)12,20€9,50€
Mixed salad     (L,M,O)9,00€5,00€
Kaiserschmarren – sugared Austrian pancake (A,C,G)13,50€8,50€
Large green salad with „Wienerschnitzel“ (A,C)13,50€
Bauernsalat – salad, potatoes, bacon (L,M,O)12,50€

Monday: Burger Evening and á la Carte

Gulaschsoup with bread (A,L)6,00€
Bouillon with soup pearls (A,C,G,L)5,50€
Caprese – tomatoes, mozzarella, basil (G)9,50€
Mixed salad with (A,C,G,L,M,N,O)
…beef filet stripes14,50€
Green salad with thuna, olives and onions (A,D,E,H,M)9,50€
Strawberry – spinach – salad with goat cheese (A,C,G,L,M)13,50€
Mixed salad (A,C,G,L,M,O)
Big portion9,00€
Small portion5,00€
Burger "Sedona" with salad, onions, bacon, tomatoes and cocktailsauce
- served with french fries (A,G,N)
choose between…
… beef, chicken or pork
… gourmetburger (light), hamburger (rye) or rustyburger (wheat) (100g)
Roast beef with rocket salad - served with tagliatelle (A,C,G,L,M,O)19,20€
„Naturschnitzel“ (veal) with tagliatelle and vegetables (A,C,G,H,L,M)
Big portion19,20€
Small portion15,20€
Roasted zander filet with parsley potatoes and fresh vegetables  (A,D,G)17,50€
Backed potatoe with fresh vegetables or smoked salmon   (G,D)13,50€

Wednesday: Barbecue

adults:     20,80 €
kids 1 – 5 years:    5,50 €
kids 6-14 years:    13,50 €

Minimum registration 10 people!!
Bad weather: á la carte

Friday: Italian Evening

Caprese – tomatoes, mozzarella, basil (G)9,50 €
Melon with bacon on a spit (6 pieces)8,50 €
Bruschetta (6 pieces) (A,C,G)8,50 €
Pizza Margherita – tomatoesauce, mozzarella, basil (A,G)10,50€
Pizza Diavolo – tomatoesauce, spicy salami, cheese and green chilly peppers (A,G)13,50€
Pizza Tonno – tomatoesauce, cheese, tuna, olives, onions (A,D,G)11,50€
Pasta Pesto/Pomodoro (A,D,G)
Big portion10,20€
Small portion8,50€
Tortellini with ham/cheese/cream sauce  (A,D,G)
Big portion12,90€
Small portion9,30€
Piccata Milanese (A,C,G,M)14,50€
Lasagne (A,C,G)11,50€
Salad with tuna – green salad, tuna, olives and onions (A,D,E,H,M) 9,50€
Roasted Zander filet with parsley potatoes and vegetables (A,D,G)17,50€

Desserts (Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Coup Dänemark - 2balls of vanilla ice cream, chocolatesauce and wipped cream(G)6,00 €
Heiße Liebe – – 2 balls of vanilla ice cream, hot raspberry and whipped cream(G)6,00 €
1 ball of ice cream...2,50 €
2 balls of ice cream...5,00 €
...with wipped cream+0,50 €
Affogato –  1 ball of ice cram with Espresso(G)5,80 €
Apfelstrudel traditional Austrian apple cake...(A,C,G)
...with whipped cream5,20 €
...with icecream   7,20€
Brownie ...(A,C,G)
...with whipped cream6,50€
...with icecream   9,00€